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Thunder egg 2

Thunder egg 2
Thunder egg 2
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What a curious rock!  The thunder egg is the state rock of Oregon.  The Native Americans believed thunder eggs were the leftover “bombs” that the spirits of the volcanoes in Oregon had hurled at each other in their anger.  Thunder eggs are volcanic in nature, consisting of usually an outer nodule of the extrusive igneous rock, rhyolite, and an inner core of agate, jasper, quartz and/or opal.  No two thunder eggs are alike.  It is truly a wonderful surprise to cut one open to see the beautiful patterns and colors of blues, oranges, reds and yellows. 

This egg is 3 in. x 2.5 in (1.75 in. thick), and is a rhyolite lava nodule with a agate center.  It has flecks of white opal in it.  It was found near Madras, Oregon.  This thunder egg has been polished to a glass-like finish and is ideal for display.

We will  include an explanation about thundereggs with your purchase.


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