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Volcanoes, Volcanic Rocks and Earthquakes - The Kit

Volcanoes, Volcanic Rocks and Earthquakes - The Kit
Grades: Grades 8-12
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Volcanoes, Volcanic Rocks and Earthquakes

Volcanoes, Volcanic Rocks and Earthquakes is a comprehensive study in volcanoes and earthquakes from a young earth perspective. It includes a thorough study of volcanoes and volcanic rocks and how to identify them as well as the tie-in with earthquakes.  The Earth before the Flood is not the Earth of today.  Volcanoes have had a huge part in sculpting the Earth since the Flood.  This unit is designed to learn how volcanoes fit into a Genesis framework of Earth history.

  • Volcanoes
  • Volcanic emissions
  • Over 35 Volcanic rocks and minerals
  • Thermal features
  • Radiometric dating
  • The Ice Age
  • The Genesis Flood
  • 130 page soft cover color textbook
  • activities, quizzes, final comprehensive exam and answer key
  • Carrying case
  • Shipping included

One semester study.  Grades 8-12.

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