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The Northwest Rock and Fossil Collection

The Northwest Rock and Fossil Collection
Grades: All ages
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24 personally selected, large specimens from the Northwest.  Some are rough and some are very nicely polished.  All are from my private collection!  What a great sampling from the beautiful Northwest!  From the upper left-hand corner:

  • Row 1 - polished petrified wood from The Dalles, Oregon; polished carnelian agate, Oregon; trilobite (Elrathia kingi), Delta, Utah; "bubble gum" agate, South Dakota; gorgeous polished moss agate, Yellowstone River, Eastern Montana; polished quartz, Whidbey Island, Washington
  • Row 2 - polished jasper, Whidbey Island, Washington; polished New Haven Purple jasper, Southern Utah; polished petrified wood, South Dakota; polished Richardson thunder egg, Madras, Oregon; tumbled agate nodule, Corral and Horse Basin Creeks, east fork of the Salmon River, Chalis, Idaho; polished "pudding stone" (conglomerate jaspers), Utah
  • Row 3 - polished petrified wood, Utah; ammonite (Scahpites) section, Northern Montana; polished prairie agate (called Lakota Agate in some circles), South Dakota; rough fossilized algae, Greybull, Wyoming; polished Dryhead agate, Montana; crinoid stems, Purgatory, Colorado
  • Row 4 - rough rose quartz, Rapid City, South Dakota; agatized wood, Yellowstone River, Eastern Montana; trilobite (Peronopsis - the blind trilobite), Millard County, Utah; polished Biggs Picture jasper, Central Oregon; mica, Rapid City, South Dakota; polished petrified wood, Mattawa, Washington.  


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