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Genesis and the Ice Age

Genesis and the Ice Age
Grades: Grades 6-12
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One of the biggest mysteries for modern geology is how to explain the Ice Age (or ice ages, depending on whom you read). No modern weather scenario develops an ice age. Of course if the Ice Age happened when geologists say it did, then the Bible cannot be true, as the last vestiges of the Wholly Mammoth supposedly died out over 12,000 years ago. And the Bible definitely teaches a young earth. So, where do I turn for another look at this real geologic event in the history of mankind? I have compiled some of the most recent material that will help you and your teen get a grasp on how the Ice Age nicely fits into a straightforward reading of the Book of Genesis.

  • The Weather Book and study guide – Michael Oard. Mr. Oard is perhaps the best resource for understanding what kinds of weather patterns would have produced an Ice Age. He is a retired meteorologist who has a grasp on what a global flood would have meant to our weather patterns.
  • The Ice Age, Only the Bible Explains it – DVD featuring Michael Oard
  • Life in the Great Ice Age – Michael Oard; a great kids book making the Ice Age understandable (Mom and Dad, you will enjoy it too)
  • Uncovering the Mysterious Wooly Mammoth – Michael Oard
  • Frozen in Time - Michael Oard
  • Ice Age Study Pack - 5 genuine Ice Age fossils
  • Carrying case.

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