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The Geology of Yellowstone - A Biblical Guide, the Kit

The Geology of Yellowstone - A Biblical Guide, the Kit
Grades: family
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Listen here to learn more about The Geology of Yellowstone - A Biblical Guide.

This is a long-time favorite, and now it is updated and has our brand new guide in it by Patrick!  

The Geology of Yellowstone - A Biblical Guide by Patrick Nurre is your key to understanding the wonders of our first national park.  Yellowstone is truly an amazing place to start your journey to understanding the Flood of Genesis and the geological implications that we see all around us.  If you ever wanted to understand the Flood of Genesis and the proofs for itThe Geology of Yellowstone is your place to begin!  Written completely from a young-earth global-flood perspective, you will want to take this with you this summer on your family vacation. 

This kit Includes:

  • The Geology of Yellowstone, A Biblical Guide, 214 pg. guide to the features of Yellowstone from a Biblical view, by Patrick Nurre. 

  • Over 20 authentic natural rock and mineral samples from the areas immediately around the Park, with explanations and locations

  • Carrying case

  • Shipping included

The book The Geology of Yellowstone includes:

  • A short history of the Yellowstone area
  • The thermal features
  • Microbes in the park
  • Yellowstone and the Ice Age
  • The Rocks and Minerals
  • Radiometric Dating
  • The Yellowstone Supervolcano
  • Road guide to the Grand Loop
  • A special section on Earthquake Lake
  • Printed in full color
  • Over 300 photos
  • Maps and charts
  • 214 pages

You can read sections from The Geology of Yellowstone, a Biblical Guide, by clicking on the image below.

You can order just the book here.  

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All prices are in US dollars.  For international shipping please contact us at or 425-488-6848.

All samples are collected legally outside of the Yellowstone National Park area.

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