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Bedrock Geology - The Kit

Bedrock Geology  - The Kit
Bedrock Geology  - The Kit Bedrock Geology  - The Kit
Grades: 7-12 Grades
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Read the review of this kit in The Old Schoolhouse magazine.


Bedrock Geology is the heart of the Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project.  It has been designed to teach the essentials in Biblical Geology, to impact the faith of young people, and to be cost conscious.  It is designed for grades 7-12.

The following description is for the Bedrock Geology Kit.  Please note that the kit includes the text book.

The book features four sections:

  • The History of Modern Geology – How we got our modern cultural understanding of geology
  • The Origin and Nature of the Earth – The evidence for an intelligent creation and creator
  • The Genesis Flood – The turning point in Earth history
  • The Ice Age – The little-understood historical period following the Genesis Flood
  1. Activities to reinforce the concepts presented in the curriculum
  2. Suggestions for further reading and Northwest Treasures Kit discovery for each section of the curriculum
  3. A section on helping young minds to understand the complicated subject of radiometric dating.  It is my opinion that unless young minds grasp the true nature of radiometric dating and how modern geologists twist it to support their conclusions, their faith will falter or be shipwrecked when confronted with the “science”.
  4. Includes quizzes, a final Comprehensive Exam and answer key.
  5. 140 page soft cover color textbook.
  6. We include a copy of Patrick's book, Genesis Rock Solid.  Read a review of Genesis Rock Solid here.
  7. Carrying case
  8. 35 large specimens that will help illustrate the concepts of Biblical geology.  All samples are individually bagged, labeled, and color-coded. 

Specimens include:  Halite, quartz, potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar, calcium feldspar, biotite mica, muscovite mica, olivine, pyroxene, amphibole, magnetite (iron), calcite, gabbro, granite, volcanic porphyritic rock, basalt, rhyolite, gneiss, fossil limestone, marble, shale, siltstone, sandstone, arkose, conglomerate, breccia, travertine, glacial loess, anthracite, graveyard fossil, fossil fern, donosaur bone, invertebrate fossil, coal and lignite. (See image above fore representative samples.)

Shipping is included.

Would you like to read one of the lessons from Bedrock Geology?  Just click on the image below!


Click here to purchase just the Bedrock Geology book.


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~Building Faith for a Lifetime of Faith

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