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Noah's Flood For Kids

Noah's Flood For Kids
Grades: Grades 3-6
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This kit helps the younger student (grades 3-6) to develop an understanding of the Genesis Flood, and the evidence for it.  This kit begins to build Biblical geology framework for understanding the global flood of Genesis.  The child will learn not only the basics of Flood Geology, but also how to defend the Genesis account of it.  Can be used as an Earth Science course taking anywhere from 6-12 weeks to complete.  Build into your youngster the basics of understanding the Genesis Flood.  The book, Exploring Geology breaks down complicated issues; a wonderful geology  book for young kids.

Exploring GeologyDiscovering Evidence for Creation and the Biblical Flood – hardback textbook with Projects

•46 rocks, minerals and fossils related to the Genesis Flood (covered in the book)
Genesis – Rock Solid, with discussion Questions
The Genesis Flood, Fact or Fiction
How did All the Animals Fit on Noah’s Ark?
The Ark of Noah
Noah’s Flood
Carrying case.
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