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Genesis and the Global Flood

Genesis and the Global Flood
Grades: High School
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Biblical Geology, Properly Understanding the Rocks – DVD
Noah’s Flood, Washing Away Millions of Years – DVD
Flood Geology – DVD
Rock Strata, Fossils, and the Flood – DVD
Flood Legends – Book
The Genesis Flood (Morris and Whitcomb) – Book
Rapid Rocks – DVD
How Well Designed was Noah’s Ark – DVD
The Genesis Flood (Taz Walker) – Book
After the Flood – Book
Surtsey Surprise, Young Island – pamphlet
Up until the late 17th Century the Genesis Flood was accepted as the most reasonable explanation for the rock formations.  During the Enlightenment that view was assaulted.  Finally by the mid to late 1800s the idea of a global catastrophe was totally and firmly rejected.  Why?  Was it because of scientific evidence?  Hardly. This kit features many helpful resources that will help you understand the reasonableness of the Genesis Flood in explaning the layers of sediments all over our globe. 
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