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Just Rocks

We have lots of samples to study or to add to your collection.

Please note:  Our kits are built individually around the samples that we have in our shop.  Sometimes we may have to substitute a particular sample simply because we do not have the one pictured.  But we always replace it with a similar sample.  Because of this, the contents of kits might vary.  But your satisfaction is always our utmost concern.

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Grades: All ages
Just the rocks, thank you!  You get ten large samples of the most basic types of rocks, incl..
CC Rock and Mineral Samples
Grades: K-12
We have met many of you who are using Classical Conversations as your curriculum choice for your ..
Geology for Kids, Samples Only
Grades: Grades 4-8
These samples are designed to go with the study, Geology for Kids.   This sample collect..
Mining the Mines
Grades: All ages
If you love playing Minecraft, then you will love this kit that we have made that includes many o..
Miscellaneous specimens
Grades: All Ages
If it is just a single specimen that you would like, please contact us so that we can discuss the..
Rock Identification Made Easy, Samples Only
Grades: 3-12
These samples are designed to go with the study, Rock Identification made Easy.Shipping included...
Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes, Samples Only
Grades: PreK-3
These samples are designed to go with the study, Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes.   It in..
 Volcanic Rocks of the Northwest
Grades: Grades 6-12
18 samples from 7 volcanoes.  Mt. Shasta, Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake), Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood..
The Cascades Volcanic Collection
Grades: Grades 6-12
I am personally fascinated with volcanoes.  From my travels I have put together a kit of 18 ..
The Northwest Rock and Fossil Collection
Grades: All ages
24 personally selected, large specimens from the Northwest.  Some are rough and some are ver..
Rocks of Washington State
Grades: All ages
10 representative rocks and minerals from the State of Washington - FEATURING the famous Ellensbu..
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