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Earth History and the Genesis Flood

We have some great studies on Earth History and the Genesis Flood.  What a great way to build up your faith!  If you are looking for just rock, mineral or fossil samples, go to Just Rocks, Just Minerals or Just Fossils.  Price includes shipping in the United States.  Contact us for shipping outside of the US.


Please notice:  Our kits are built around particular books and products.  Sometimes these are not available to us, either because they have been discontinued or are not available.  Because of this, the contents of kits might vary.  We will always strive to replace the missing book with one of equal quality.  But your satisfaction is always our utmost concern.



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Bedrock Geology  - The Kit
Grades: 7-12 Grades
Listen to learn more about Bedrock Geology.   Read the review of this kit in The Old Sch..
Bedrock Geology - The Book
Grades: Gr. 7-12
Listen to hear more about Bedrock Geology! Read the review of this book/kit in The Old School..
Evidence for the Genesis Flood
Grades: high school
This high school study is on the most important geological event of history, The Genesis Flood. &..
Fossil Identification Field Guide
Grades: Grades 3-12
NEW from Northwest Treasures! Looking for and finding fossils is such fun, and it is also a g..
Genesis - Rock Solid
Grades: Junior High and up
"Genesis - Rock Solid" is a short journey into the history of modern geology, and how it has impa..
Geologic Evidence for the Genesis Flood - The Geology of the Colorado Plateau
Grades: Grades 6-12
An exhaustive look at the sedimentary features in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, includi..
Geology and the Hawaiian Islands, the book
Grades: Gr. 5-12
Hawai'i is vibrant and geologically alive.  More than just an exotic vacation spot, the Isla..
Geology and the Hawaiian Islands, the Kit
Grades: 5-12 Grades
Hawai'i is vibrant and geologically alive.  More than just an exotic vacation spot, the Isla..
Geology for Kids - the Kit
Grades: Gr. 4-8
Watch a short video here about Geology for Kids. Geology for Kids by Rock-Man Pat, Patrick Nu..
Geology for Kids, Geology Journal
Grades: 4-8
Many parents asked us to create a journal to accompany our Geology for Kids book, so this is it! ..
Geology for Kids, Samples Only
Grades: Grades 4-8
These samples are designed to go with the study, Geology for Kids.   This sample collect..
Geology for Kids, the book
Grades: 4-8 grades
Here is our new textbook for grades 4-8, from Rock-man Pat!  It really does matter how you t..
Geology for Little Eyes
Grades: PreK-3
Parents love our Little Eyes kits.  And many have wanted to purchase all three.  So we ..
Introduction to Archaeology and Geology
Grades: 5-12 Grades
This study is a wonderful way to introduce your student to these two complementary fields of stud..
Noah's Flood For Kids
Grades: Grades 3-6
This kit helps the younger student (grades 3-6) to develop an understanding of the Genesis Flood,..
The Complete NWT Curriculum Project  - The Books
Grades: Gr. 5-12
The complete Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project, without the rock, mineral and fossil samples..
The Complete NWT Curriculum Project Kit
Grades: Grades 5-12 and 8-12
You can get the complete Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project with all the rocks, minerals..
The Fossil Record
Grades: high school
John Morris has another great book that will help your high school student understand the Fossil ..
The Genesis Flood for Little Eyes, PreK-2nd
Grades: PreK-2nd Grades
This kit is designed to help young kids understand the Biblical Account of the Flood without dumb..
The Geo Box
Grades: teacher resources
Here is the teacher resource that you have been longing for!  Patrick has created 13 laminat..
The Geology of Israel with the Rocks and Minerals of the Bible
Grades: Special Interest kit
34 samples representing what the people of the Bible knew about rocks and minerals along with Scr..
The Ice Age
Grades: High School
This study for your high school student includes several DVD's and books on the Ice Age.  Se..
Genesis and the Ice Age
Grades: Grades 6-12
One of the biggest mysteries for modern geology is how to explain the Ice Age (or ice ages, depen..
 The Geology of the Genesis Flood, display board project
Grades: PreK-12th
In this kit you will get everything you need (except the display board) to put together a display..
Genesis and the Global Flood
Grades: High School
•Biblical Geology, Properly Understanding the Rocks – DVD •Noah’s Flood, Washing Away Million..
The Ice Age for Kids
Grades: Grades 3-8
Kids will generally associate the Mammoth with an ice age of some kind.  But when did it occ..
Fossils and the Genesis Flood
Grades: Grades 6-12
Here is the companion kit to Biblical Geology for Grades 5-12.  This kit is designed to roun..
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