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"You really helped strengthen my faith and I wanted to thank you for giving me a new peace in my heart.  I have battled with the young earth concept for years and wanted to just accept God's word as it is, but thought there was not enough evidence to prove it.  Your humble, scientific, and logical ideas were exactly what i needed to feel secure that God gave us all we need to trust his word...  With your knowledge and wisdom on geology and the Bible, I can trust what you shared to be well thought out and prayed about."

J, Salt Lake City


"Egyptian history, archaeology, paleontology, and geology all rolled into one interesting conference.  My family came home and discussed the things we learned.  A friend that we brought...stated that this was the first time that someone would actually answer her questions."

JoAnn A., Indianapolis


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  For parents
  • Training seminars to show you how to use and teach geology to your students.

For school groups

  • Rock and Mineral Identification

  • Basics of geology

  • Fossils and Dinosaurs

  • Classes tailored to your specific needs

  • Field trips and tours to the Geology Learning Center

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For conventions, conferences, your church, and/or homeschool co-op

  Available topics for seminars:

TOPICS 2016-2017

1.   Let Your Kids Pick Up the Rocks - Let’s face it, homeschooling can be messy!  And to top it off, sometimes our kids are interested in things that don’t interest us, and are downright dirty.  Patrick’s practical message is an encouragement for those facing this dilemma (all of us!) and gives hope going forward.

2.   The Geology of (Your Province or State) from a Biblical Perspective – Discover, perhaps for the first time, the geology of your own state, using the book of Genesis as a framework.

3.   NEW!  The Religion War – Unraveling the creation/evolution conflict. Learning to tell the difference between science and religion is a major challenge for homeschool education.  This seminar will help you develop discernment in teaching your kids the difference between the two.  

4.   NEW!  Mountain Building:  Geological Apologetics – Our culture is on the move to destroy Biblical faith.  This is no more apparent than in the treatment of the book of Genesis.  One of the best ways for our kids to stand on their faith is to be able to interpret the geological landforms all around them.  Learn about evidence for the Flood and the truth of the Bible with every step you take!

5.   Creation Geology –  The Key to Unraveling Earth History   Secular geologists tell us emphatically that the earth is billions of years old, having been sculpted by slow and gradual geologic processes, punctuated by brief, local catastrophes.  But is this view based on scientific facts or a philosophy framed by biases?  Come take a journey with us as we unravel this history and discover just how accurately the book of Genesis explains the geology of earth. 

6.   Yellowstone National Park Through the Lens of Scripture – A summer vacation at one of our National Parks becomes so much more exciting when viewed through the lens of Scripture.  Yellowstone National Park is a great place to start.  This seminar focuses on how you can apply the Scriptures to what you see as you venture through our oldest National Park.

7.  NEW!  Interpreting Our Nations’ National Parks – This seminar focuses on three of our most famous national parks from a young-earth perspective - Yellowstone, Yosemite and Petrified Forest – and helps you see a brand new way of understanding their amazing features.

8.   The Geology of Israel – Drawing from first-hand experience, Patrick has some fascinating insights to share, centered around the geology of Israel.  Did you know that Israel has its own Grand Canyon that has similar characteristics to ours?  Could it be…a common Flood?  Come learn more!

9.   NEW!  Who Gets the Last Word? – This seminar is about the proper place of scripture in the creation/evolution conflict.  Many see science as the final, authoritative word in understanding the past history of the earth. With the myriad of discoveries every year that overturn past “truths”, dare we replace God’s authority with a man-made one?

10.   Why You Need to Teach Geology Again and Again and Again and… and How to do itThe common approach to teaching Geology is to hit it once, probably in 8th Grade.  But Geology is the beginning point of understanding biology, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, archaeology, and so much more.  If we hope to win the battle for our children’s minds in the area of worldview, it is vitally important that we teach geology and related subjects with the importance that it deserves. 

11.     Egyptian Chronology and the Bible - Many will dismiss what the Bible has to say simply because they believe the Bible can't be trusted in the area of historical accuracy.  Egyptian Chronology is the lynch pin for this.  This seminar includes the latest in archaeology as it relates to Egyptian Chronology, and is a great help to those teaching early history. 

12.  Lessons from the Tumbler - Who doesn’t love beautiful polished stones?  Come join us as you will learn how to tumble/polish your treasures to a beautiful shine every time, and also some of the deep spiritual lessons taught along the way. 

13.  How to Identify Those Rocks Your Kids are Bringing HomeWhat do you do with those rocks your kids are bringing home?  You identify them!  This seminar will give you a short primer in basic rock identification, with encouragement to not be afraid of a dirty subject.

14.  Genesis and the Ice Age - Probably the least understood of subjects in earth history is the Ice Age and how it fits into a Biblical worldview.  We'll examine the evidence for an ice age caused by the Genesis Flood, how it could fit into the period between Noah and Abraham, and reinforce confidence in what the Bible says historically.

15.   The Age of the Earth ControversyIs radiometric dating as scientific as secular geologists say it is?  The church is fast buckling under the supposed weight of radiometric dating evidence for an old earth.  What is the truth of the matter?

16.   Geology and the Genesis Flood There are many geological anomalies that are better explained by the Genesis Flood.  This seminar takes a good look at this evidence.

17.   NEW!  Building a Solid Worldview – There is more to building a solid worldview than having a right catechism of creation.  There is often a disconnect between knowing what my Bible says and how it explains the physical earth around me.  Developing a practical framework for interpreting earth’s landforms is essential.

18.   Dinosaurs, the Ark and the Biblecompelling evidence that shows dinosaurs were on the Ark and the subsequent eye witness accounts.

19.   The Dinosaur Hunters - This is a fascinating look at how human nature has driven the search and discovery of dinosaur fossils.  We will look at some of the intriguing people who have been driven to find these creatures, and the strange directions they took because of their worldviews.

20.   Evidence for Special CreationDespite what secular science states, there is abundant evidence to support creation as it is recorded in the book of Genesis.

21.   Was Darwin Right?  A Look at the Fossil EvidenceThis seminar examines the fossil evidence precisely where transitional forms would be needed most – at the boundaries between kinds.

22.   The Evolution Paradigm – How We Got ItNot many people realize that the historical development of evolutionary ideas was based on philosophical assumptions and shifts, not on scientific discovery.  This seminar takes a critical look at this fascinating piece of history.

23.  NEW!  Genesis for Dads – Patrick has a special message for just the dads on the importance of them understanding and grasping the truths of Genesis, for the sake of their family’s well-being.

24.  NEW!  The Crossroads of Courage and Convictions – Many people treat the book of Genesis as a neutral subject, they can take it or leave it.  But we will see, it is critical for you and your children to have solid convictions when it comes to your faith and Genesis.

You can listen to Patrick's talks! 

Creation Geology: The Key to Unwrapping Earth History

Egyptian Chronolgy and the Bible

The Geology of Israel


If you are interested in a class, tour or seminar, please contact Patrick at or 425-488-6848.

For more information and Patrick's bio, see our Speaker Page or Patrick's Bio.


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