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Yellowstone Creation Adventures and Field Trips


Yellowstone Creation Adventures and

Dinosaur Dig and More 2017


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"Thank you both for such a meaningful trip to Yellowstone... My family has thanked me repeatedly for signing up for the trip.. If we had shown up to Yellowstone on our own, it would have been so overwhelming as to what to see PLUS it would have been a hollow trip without opening our eyes to "the rocks crying out,"  the evidence of the Flood."  KH, YCA participant, 2015

The Yellowstone Creation Adventure 2017 is on!  All trips will be conducted from a Biblical perspective (young earth, global flood perspective) by Patrick Nurre.  

1st Tour - The Mini-Yellowstone Creation Adventure is a 2 day, 3 night, jam-packed tour of Yellowstone.  We will hit the highlights of our greatest national park, including mud pots, hot springs, geysers, fumeroles and waterfalls. Kids will get their own Yellowstone Creation Adventure Junior Geology Activity Books, and parents will receive a copy of The Geology of Yellowstone by Patrick.  If the kids finish their workbook by the time we are done with the trip, they receive special certificates.

2nd Tour - The Dinosaur Dig and More is a 2-day, 3-night adventure, which will be in the Badlands of eastern Montana, near Glendive.  We will spend part of one day on a dinosaur dig, where you get to keep everything you find, with a few very special exceptions.  We will also spend time looking for Montana moss agates and carnelian agates.  Combine that with a visit to the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, and you have two very packed days!  For each of the three evenings we are together, we will be talking about the implications of what we have found in the field and how that ties in to our Biblical world view.  

3rd Tour - The Grand Yellowstone Creation Adventure will be a 4-day, 5-night excursion in this greatest of our national parks.  We will have more time to explore in the park and see more features than on the mini-tour.  We will hit the highlights, including mud pots, hot springs, geysers, fumeroles and waterfalls, but the extended time will allow us to go more in-depth in our exploring. Kids will get their ownYellowstone Creation Adventure Junior Geology Activity Books, and parents will receive a copy of The Geology of Yellowstone by Patrick.  If the kids finish their workbook by the time we are done with the trip, they receive special certificates.

These trips are an outstanding value, besides the obvious benefit of strengthening your faith.  And many who have gone with us have made new friends as they share this unrivaled opportunity.

1st Tour: Mini Yellowstone Creation Adventure: Aug. 23-25, 2 days and 3 nights,  $400 per vehicle

2nd Tour: Dinosaur Dig and More: Aug. 27-29, 2 days and 3 nights,  $400 per vehicle

3rd Tour:  Grand Yellowstone Creation Adventure:  Aug 30-Sept 3, 4 days and 5 nights, $500 per vehicle

You can also have a significant savings if you book two different tours - 

Tours 1 and 2: $650 

Tours 2 and 3:  $750

Space is limited!  Click here to reserve your spot with  a deposit of $100. (Non-refundable after May 1, 2017.  

Tour fee does not include:

Housing (we can give you some very good suggestions, whether you are camping or staying in hotels), park entrance fees, food, transportation, and dig and museum entrance fees (although you do get a discount on the dig and museum)


For more information: or 425-488-6848



Northwest Treasures Field Trips:

When kids go on our field trips, they learn to identify rock types and to make their rockhounding experience super fun!  Parents are greatly relieved to find that the rocks their kids are bringing home are not "just rocks".  We seek to relate the geology around us to a Scriptural perspective and increase kids' exploration curiosity.  When kids can identify the rocks they find, a whole new door is opened to them.  Some of our destinations are listed below.  But we have gone to many places not listed there!


For more information on field trips, contact Patrick at



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Northwest Treasures Field Trips:

Igneous Rock Types Collecting and Identification – Outside Park Boundaries


   - Mt. Rainier

   - Mt. St. Helens

   - Mt. Baker

   - Mt. Hood


Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rock Types Collecting and Identification 


   - Index/Skykomish River

   - Whidbey Island

   - Olympic Peninsula

   - Nooksack River


Special Extended Field Trips

Yellowstone National Park

Scablands National Monument (Eastern WA)



The Volcano Loop of Oregon and California

Grand Canyon, Mt. Lassen, The Colorado Plateau...there are so many other places we could go, but there is no way to list them all!  Give us a call for what could happen in your own back yard!



Cost For Seattle Area Field Trips
  • Mt St. Helens $475 per day (groups of 50 or less; call for larger group pricing)

  • Whidbey Island, Mt. Rainier, Olympic Peninsula and the Mt. Baker Area $375 per day   
          (groups of 50 or less; call for larger group pricing)

  • By appointment - call 425-488-6848

  • Please call to arrange for other locations, and for pricing


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