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Geology Learning Center Tours and Classes

Ice Age artifacts, dinosaurs, fossils, and a Biblical view of Earth history!  It's all here!  That's what the Geology Learning Center is about. This is a great place to bring your kids to learn more about the truth of Genesis and the Flood, in a setting that allows them to see first-hand the  evidence for it.  And adults love it, too!  Make an appointment for your group, and come join us!

18717-76th Avenue West, Suite A, Lynnwood

The Geology Learning Center is open by appointment only.


Tours (by appointment only)


$50 per group, 1-10 people.

$5 for each extra person, up to 20 people.



Group classes, 6 participants minimum: $10 per student.  Parents may sit in for free.  Classes are one hour.

Less than six students:  This is considered personal tutoring.  Cost is $30 per student per hour.  Parents may sit in for free.  Classes are one hour.



1.           Q.   How do we book a tour?

A.   Please contact us to schedule a tour.  425-488-6848 or

2.           Q.   What ages is the GLC suitable for?

              A.  We suggest ages 5 and above.  We do have a small children's corner                                  with a few activities for the younger ones. 

3.           Q.   Can we bring young kids?

A.   Yes, kids age 4 and under are not counted in the total number of your group.

4.           Q.   What about strollers?

A.   We can accommodate a few strollers, but double strollers would present a hazard.

5.           Q.   Why are groups limited to 20 people?

A.   The size of the GLC dictates how many people can comfortably fit in the facility.

6.           Q.    How do we pay for the tour?

A.    Please bring either bring one check, one credit/debit card or one cash payment for the entire group.

7.           Q.    What if our group number increases by the time of our visit?

A.    The base cost for a tour is $50, regardless of the size of your group.  If your group increases in size (up to 20 participants) you can pay the extra at the start of your tour. 

8.           Q.   What if our group decreases in size?

A.   The base cost for a tour is $50, regardless of the size of your group.  If you have cancellations, we may be able to make a partial refund, but the base cost remains the same. 

9.           Q.   I just want to bring my family.  Do you have a special rate for that?

A.   The base rate of $50 for a tour still applies.  We would encourage you to bring friends with you to help share the cost.

10.         Q.   What is the length of a tour?

A.   Each tour is between 1-1 ½ hours.  Some of this depends on the interest of the group and questions being answered.

11.         Q.    What if on the day of the tour I have a few extra people show up?

A.    We can accommodate up to 24 people in that case, but once we have 25 people, we must open up another tour.  Please be as sure of your numbers as possible, as we may have another tour scheduled after yours. 

12.         Q.  Can I purchase kits and samples at the GLC?

A.   We have a very small store at this time where you can purchase books.  If you are wanting to purchase a kit or samples, and would like to pick it up the day of your tour, please contact us in advance to make arrangements for that.

For more information or to see a short slide show of the GLC, click here


At the Geology Learning Center you can explore rocks, fossils, minerals, dinosaurs, volcanoes, Biblical artifacts, and much more!   
Read about our classes below and call us to schedule a visit or a class, or check out our
field trips to Mt. St. Helens, Whidbey Island and Yellowstone National Park, to name just a few.



Dinosaurs and the Bible (1st-3rd Grades)

A look at eyewitness accounts of dinosaurs; the size of the ark as mentioned in Genesis; life after the Flood; types of dinosaurs; fossils of dinosaurs.

Understanding Radiometric Dating (high school level)

Designed to help young minds grasp the process of radiometric dating and just where it contradicts the Scriptures. Parents are welcome to take class.

A Biblical View of Geology (3rd-12th Grades)

Helping young minds formulate a Biblical framework for interpreting the various geologic formations and landforms all around us. 2-part course. Also open to parents.

Geology for Adults

A crash course in geology designed to help you understand the basics of geology and equip you to wrestle through the gnawing questions of earth science that challenge your faith in the Scriptures.


Rock Identification

Here's your chance to get those precious rock collections identified that your kids have been collecting.  Ages 6 - adult.

Cost: Please contact us for class pricing. or 425-488-6848.


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