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What people are saying...

What people are saying about Northwest Treasures field trips and seminars

“I wanted to thank you for the field trip…I had fun…I thought the digging-for-fossils- kit was my favorite…Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed it!” Emma R.
“…it was my favorite field trip ever!!!” Jared
“…Mr. Nurre has a very nice way with kids and engaging them in geology.  My daughter, who has special needs, was quite shy and uninterested when we first arrived but became quite verbal and engaged after just a short time.  Sending out questions ahead of time was a good idea and a useful tool to have…we have a great time.” Bonny B.
“What a wise find Mr. Nurre is.  Truly the best field trips ever…” Suzanne M.
“We are so thankful to have Mr. Nurre!  He is a treasure.  He is an amazing source of biblical knowledge, creation proof, geology and information about our local area.  His excitement for geology gets everyone around him excited.  WE HAVE LEARNED WAY MORE BY COMING ON HIS FIELD TRIPS AND VISITING HIS WORKSHOP THAN READING A BOOK ABOUT ROCKS…” Karen D.
“Patrick, our boys love the class.” The K. Family

Dear Mr. Nurre,

“Thank you so much for the beautiful specimens of rocks! I had never seen a Thunder Egg before. It was really amazing! I loved how I could see to the center through the semi-transparent "core." :o) I am going to take your advice and organize my collection by group! I truly enjoyed spending time with you. You are really fun to be around. I learned tons about the flood, the evidence in rocks, and rocks in general. :) I am going to "file" that memory away with some of my most treasured recollections.”


From partipants of the 2010 Yellowstone Creation Adventure

“This could go down as one of the most memorable events in our homeschooling journey.”
“I really liked being able to see the evidence of the global flood and the post-flood glaciers. Thanks for arranging this trip to learn more about creation. It was fun!" (from one of the kids)
“We had a fantastic time!...Many families would definitely benefit from the experience we had with you on this trip... What a blessing to study our world from a Biblical world view and using a 'straight forward' reading of the Bible.”
“Not only did we learn tremendously, but were encouraged as a homeschooling family by all of you and your beautiful children!”
“This trip was a wonderful blessing and the Lord definitely went before us every step of the way. Thank you for your time, wisdom and excitement leading all these families.”

From the 2012 Yellowstone Creation Adventure

“My wife and family of 6 joined Pat Nurre for his Yellowstone National Park tour and had what will be among the best family vacations we've ever had! Pat and Vicki's creation tour was the perfect mix of academic exploration of God's truth in creation and free fun time to have as a family. From youngest to oldest, our family enjoyed it, will never forget it, and hope to do it again! We highly recommend it!” Tim B.

From the Skykomish River Field Trip

“Thank you, Patrick, for a very informative field trip! Thanks everyone for your patience with the rain today. I learned a lot and loved the location (I think we'll be going there for some fun summertime by the river!)” Jennifer S.
“Yes, thanks to Jennifer and Patrick! It was a great trip, with more info than we ever expected. Patrick actually stayed until 1:30p with the diehards (it had stopped raining) and continued to answer questions and share info - amazing!” Karen A.


From a Boy Scout Geology Merit Badge Night

“Bravo, Mr. Nurre! You were a hit! Many thanks to you for taking time to share your hobby. The kids loved it. I hope it makes you happy to get the kids interested in something new to them. You are very inspiring. You open up a new world to people!:) It sounds like you inspired a few of our adults too.” Lisa D. 


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