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Field Trip Photos

Yellowstone Creation Adventure Field Trip 2010

What a tremenous gruop of people

The colors of the various hot springs are due to the bacteria that live in the various temperatures


Old Faithful Geyser

Sign at the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone Park, Montana




More Field Trip Photos

A group of kids enjoying a fossil dig/excavation at the Northwest Treasures shop on a cold day.


Mt. Rainier - a few miles below the volcano at a lahar.



Some preliminary instruction at Mt. Rainier before collecting



When playing in the mud is educational

The kids learn how to identify volcanic rock types



Andesite porphyry - look for the feldspar

Another andesite - notice the pyroxene



The kids take notes eager to begin exploring

Different volcanic rocks and what to look for



Even the little ones enjoy it!

Learning coarse-grained vs. fine-grained rocks



Let's see if Mr. Nurre can break this huge piece of andesite!

Pagose, CO - near La Garita caldera, a huge volcano that went unnoticed for years



Another shot of the remnants of La Garita in CO

Beautiful sunset in Southwestern CO



The Grand Canyon is best explained by the geological events of the Genesis Flood

Just east of the Grand Canyon

The legend of the Hopi Native Americans about how the Grand Canyon formed is quite interesting!  It has similar features to a creationist perspective.


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