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Choosing a Curriculum



Here are some considerations when you are deciding just what geology curriculum to purchase for your child:

1.  Feed that budding interest in Geology in your child!

Too often we parents are irritated by the piles of rocks our kids bring home.  Considering their ages, start with something that already has their interest.  For example, if your child likes things that either bite or explode, what would the solution be?  Any of our Dinosaur and Volcano curricula with the corresponding rock kits would be a great place to start!

2.  Developing a hobby with your children is one of the best ways to build a relationship with them. 

So many kids are fascinated by rocks.  Again, considering their ages, choose a curriculum that feeds their interest.  Rock Identification Made Easy is a great kit for kids wanting to learn about rocks.  And be sure to plan some time to take field trips that explore what you are studying.  Studying geology without the field trips is a BORE and seems like a waste of time.  Our State Rockhounding kits would help you to explore your state.  If you would like me to take you on a field trip, I can design a special one for you.  Just contact me.

3.  One of the most important things you can do for your child is to help them develop a sound worldview.

The glasses through which you study nature are critical!  This is where homeschooling really pays off.  The Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project: Building Faith for a Lifetime of Faith would be a tremendous addition to your homeschooling.  The first book in the series, Bedrock Geology (gr. 7-12)is an overview of the philosophy behind today's geology, and is a solid introduction to geology from a Biblical perspective.  From there, you can branch out into other studies: 

In addition to these studies, we have many other choices for these grade levels as well as for the younger kids.  You might want to try Earth Science 3-6, God’s Design for Heaven and Earth and Creation Geology.  If you would like help in finding the best program for your child, contact me.

4.   Not finding what you want? 

Some of our best kits have come from folks who need something that we have not yet envisioned.  Give us a call.  Let’s see what we can create for you!

5.  Do you have any public school curriculum requirements to satisfy?

We offer two kits, Earth Science Level 1 and Earth Science Level 2 that will each give you a semester’s worth of high school credit.  The books in these kits are by Myrna Martin.  They are excellent books, and easily satisfy public high school requirements, as they have no reference to creation or evolution.  They are purely about the science of geology.


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