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Dino Dig 2011

The group that went with us.
This is in Glendive, Montana.

Going out to the dig site



This is Marge, of Baisch's Dinosaur Digs.  She is the lady that led us around, showing us where to dig, helping us dig, helping us identify what we found.

Beginning of a find, carefully brushing away dirt. Down in the creek bed, looking for more bones and agates.



A very good find, part of a rib cage of a pachycephalosaurus.

Don, the rancher, who allowed us on his property to look for agates.  They  were not hard to find.  All over the place!


The Dinosaur Museum in Glendive, Montana.  This museum supports a creationist/young earth approach to origins.  Very nice museum!

In the evening, we gathered in the City Park to discuss evolutionary issues, and take questions on what the folks found during the day.

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